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What do Poles know about mercury?
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As part of the “Green Window - Eliminate Mercury from Your Life” campaign, a survey was conducted to check the level of knowledge of mercury among Poles as regards its environmental and functional aspects (its impact on the environment and where it can be found in the immediate surroundings).

What are the results of the survey?

Most Poles (54%) admit that they do not know what to do to neutralize the effects of mercury.

77% of Poles know that mercury can be found in thermometers, 35% of Poles know that it can be found in fluorescent lamps, 11% - in dental fillings and 9% - in windows.

68% of respondents answered yes to the question if they would be willing to buy mercury-free products in order to limit or eliminate mercury mining if the price remains unchanged.

Detailed survey report for download: report.

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