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Initiator and sponsor of the programme

Eco in is the manufacturer of “eco pur” ecological insulation materials (two ingredient polyurethane sealants for glass units) which do not contain mercury and in which PolyBD was replaced with an alternative polymer.


eco pur is an ecological insulation material (a two ingredient polyurethane sealant for glass units) which is mercury-free. As opposed to other polyurethane sealants, eco in products have ecological polymers that are commonly found in our environment as their polymer base. The catalytic system of the eco pur sealants does not contain toxic mercury which in other polyurethane sealants can be found in a particularly hazardous form, i.e. organic mercury compounds.

The company has been active in the glass unit production industry for over 15 years. It supplies customers with materials, products and technologies used in manufacturing of glass units. Eco in:
- supplies all materials for glass unit production
- provides
consultancy services concerning glass pane combination technologies, selection of tools and appropriate equipment
- runs
a service station for insulation application equipment: start up, servicing, repairs.

The registered office of the company is in Warsaw. At present, eco in employs 50 individuals and has two manufacturing plants: in Czerwin (production of insulation materials, main facility) and in Cracow (production of muntins).

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Andrzej Szafranowski
Co-owner of eco in

The mission of eco in is to be the expert and advisor who provides glass
unit manufacturers with optimal and comprehensive technology solutions.
We combine our expertise with advanced research thus being able to
identify and satisfy customers' needs by offering them high quality
products that are technologically advanced.

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