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Competition "Green Window"


1. The competition

The “Green Window” competition is organized as part of the “Green Window - Eliminate Mercury from Your Life” social campaign. The initiators are the Our Earth Foundation (Fundacja Nasza Ziemia) and the eco in company.

2. The prize

The “Green Window” certificate - a distinction awarded to the winners by the competition organizer in the form of a one-year, free of charge license to label their products with the “Green Window” logo and use it in their communications. The logo means that the products of a given company do not contain mercury.

3. The aim of the competition

The competition aims at increasing consumers' awareness and promoting mercury-free products and technologies. The awarded companies do not use mercury in their production, which means that the products they sell do not contain this toxic element.

4. Assessment criterion

The criterion used to assess the participants in the competition is mercury content in their windows. The certificates have been awarded following an analysis of data submitted by the manufacturers as well as a laboratory verification of randomly selected samples of insulation materials used by the manufacturers. In the case of property developers, certificates are awarded for projects in which at least 80 per cent of windows are mercury-free.

5. The jury

The members of the jury comprise: the representative of the competition organizer as well as respective representatives of the campaign initiators, the eco in company and the Our Earth Foundation.

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