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Further companies with the “Green Window” logo

Further producers of mercury-free windows and insulating glass units have been awarded the “Green Window” certificate. Certificate granting is one of the elements of the social campaign with an educational purpose “Green Window
get mercury out of your life”. The aim of this campaign is to make Poles conscious about mercury toxicity and to promote alternative mercury-free technologies.

Companies granted by certificate in 2013:

  • DOMEL sp. z o.o.


  • F.H.U. MATPOL R. Sagan sp. z o.o. sp. k.

  • M&S Pomorska Fabryka Okien sp. z o.o.

  • NOWO-GLAS N. E. Stasik, L Zminda Sp. J.

  • SPEC-GLAS sp. z o.o.

  • STARGLASS sp. z o.o.

  • Swietokrzyska Fabryka Okien i Drzwi MAR-PLAST


  • Zaklad Stolarki JANDAG

The finale of the contest second edition was held on 10-th September, in Warsaws EXPO center, during the Construction Leaders Gala, which was part of the “Windows & Doors” fair. The certificates were handed in by the organizers representatives: Sławomir Brzózek Chairman of “Our Earth Foundation” and Wojciech Żuławiński Sales Manager of the “eco in” company.
Thanks to the certificates, 16 companies will be able to promote their business and inform about their environmental care and mercury-free products, e.g. by marking their products with the green window sign.  Using mercury-free technologies in window and glass units production is becoming more and more popular
which was proved by the great number of applications received from companies signing in for the second edition of the contest. The six last-year winners, whose certificates were renewed this year, were joined by ten further producers.

The aim of the “Green Window - Eliminate Mercury from Your Life” national social campaign is to increase environmental and consumer awareness of Poles and underline the problem of mercury presence in our immediate environment. The seminar is an important industry event, as the Polish window-making industry uses almost 1.5 tons of mercury per year during production. The organizers of the campaign would like to congratulate the awarded companies once again and thank them for their active contribution to actions aiming at eliminating mercury from production and the entire industry.

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