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"Green Window" certificates Awarded


On 23 May 2012, in the village of Stare Jabłonki, located in the Mazury lake district, afor the representatives of the window-making industry concerning the “Green Window - Eliminate Mercury from Your Life” campaign was held. During the event, the organizers of the “Green Window” competition, the Our Earth Foundation (Fundacja Nasza Ziemia), the eco in company as well as the Toxicology Information Centre, granted the “Green Window” certificates to window-making companies which do not use mercury in their products.

The “Green Window” competition was organized as part of the “Green Window - Eliminate Mercury from Your Life” campaign. Almost 200 companies representing the window-making industry (glass unit and window manufacturers) were invited to participate.

The organizers of the competition selected six companies which do not use mercury in their production. The winners were: BAJCAR, Oknoplast, Polskie Szyby Termoizolacyjne, TERMOIZOL, Dobroplast and Plastimet. The companies were awarded the certificates and the right to put the “Green Window” logo on their products. Such a logo means to consumers that the product does not contain mercury and does not negatively affect health or the environment.

- The competition winners have the right to use the certificate and label their products for one year. “We are very proud that we have been granted the “Green Window” certificate. We hope that next year, we will also have the honour and pleasure to receive this award. Of course, we will spare no effort to continuously improve the quality of our products without using mercury - said the Oknoplast spokesperson.

Companies granted by certificate in 2012:

  • BAJCAR Bronislaw Bajcar

  • Dobroplast Fabryka okien i drzwi PCV Renata Kaczynska

  • OKNOPLAST spolka z o. o.

  • PLASTIMET sp. z o. o.

     przedsiebiorstwo produkcyjno – uslugowe

  • Polskie Szyby Termoizolacyjne sp. z o. o.


- I am happy that Dobroplast has been rewarded for manufacturing eco products. We focused on ecology as early as a few years ago, when we decided that our windows would be manufactured based on lead-free profiles. Currently, we manufacture our window inserts using mercury-free components, which certainly makes us one of the leading manufacturers of environmentally-friendly windows - concluded Marcin Tur, Regional Director at Dobroplast.


The aim of the “Green Window - Eliminate Mercury from Your Life” national social campaign is to increase environmental and consumer awareness of Poles and underline the problem of mercury presence in our immediate environment. The seminar is an important industry event, as the Polish window-making industry uses almost 1.5 tons of mercury per year during production. The organizers of the campaign would like to congratulate the awarded companies once again and thank them for their active contribution to actions aiming at eliminating mercury from production and the entire industry.

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